Erica builds capacity in others and draws out their highest potential. Erica’s clients are left with a sense of purpose and a clear course of action to bring their most important dreams to life.


Individual coaching

Through individual coaching, clients learn how to take risks, ask for what they want, and show up in ways that result in higher wellbeing and achievement. Erica builds awareness in others through a keen intuition and gentle process of holding up a mirror. Through the process of deep listening, insightful questions, and co-created action plans, clients experience more of what they want out of life.


Group Coaching

Erica brings over two decades of experience leading teams, designing and implementing large-scale professional development programs, and supporting clients as they step into roles of increasing responsibility and impact. She leads transformation in groups with a combination of lighthearted play through the journey and a clear focus on the shared end goal.

When I first started working with Erica, I was unsatisfied in my career and unable to make sense of the gap between my values and my lifestyle. Through our work together, I have taken control of my life, including developing a meditation practice, changing careers, getting married, moving to a new city and significantly reducing my alcohol intake. Now, my behavior more closely aligns with my values, and, most excitingly, I know I have the tools to continue the never-ending process of self-actualization.
— Bethany, Divinity School Master’s Student