Customized Workshops


Flourish more

This workshop will introduce participants to five simple and scientifically-backed exercises they can immediately apply to improve their wellbeing. Students will explore the specific ways they experience flourishing and create a unique action plan that works with their personality, preferences, and life realities. Sign up here through General Assembly.


the LEadership challenge

The Leadership Challenge is a leadership development workshop which distills decades of research by James Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner. Ideally taught as a 3-day course, participants learn the 5 practices of leadership through powerful case studies, experiential exercises, and personal reflection. Students also develop a customized plan of action to capitalize on strengths and opportunities for personal growth. This course can be paired with an optional 360 review for each participant.


Coaching skills for leaders

This 2-day course applies the most profound mindset shifts and skill sets of the coaching profession to support leaders as they draw the most out of their teams. Participants learn how to connect work with meaning and values, spot strengths, provide valuable feedback, and celebrate successes.

Erica is masterful at tying together concepts and explaining them in ways students can understand and immediately apply.
— Sharon, Workshop Participant